Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Great Song of the mid nineties

I remember 6th grade... It was full of love for this one beautiful blue eyed blond angel named Caitlyn. Being a little Chinese boy at the time, seeing this literal portrayal of what angels look like really felt like being in the very presence of something greater than this mere mortal world. I never ended up talking to her after 7th grade for 6 years and then we met one another over facebook. We had picked the same major too. Kinda weird. I had promised myself to tell her that I really loved her, truly, madly, and deeply if we were to ever meet again as she had moved 3 cities away. However, perhaps I had matured and realized that would be utterly creepy and perhaps I had grown out of the childlike infatuation I once had for her. But we became fairly good friends soon afterwards. Anyway, how does this relate to eurodance? haha back when eurodance was just called dance... There was a song on the radio that I loved listening too. It was Amber - This is your night. Even though I had the wrong lyrics and thought it was this is THE night. Haha stupid little Chinese kid I was. I dunno why but I always thought of her when I heard the song. I always wanted her to sing it to me. Man I am super duper cool. I guess that's what truly gets to me about eurodance. I always daydream while listening to the songs and something cool, romantic, and usually unbelievably corny/cheesy pops to mind. But in today's cynical world, I remain kind of on the outskirts of normality. But is it wrong to dream of something fantastic? hahaha the cutest girl in my class singing to me a song about sex and love in 6th grade was fairly fantastic at the time.

when I searched for the song on youtube just now... that was actually my first time seeing the music video. What a completely different image than what I would have imagined for a song haha nineties dance music videos are uber lame!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The song that started it all...

Cool, I am gonna really enjoy making these blogs. I'll just start from the top. The song I talked about in my very first entry was Nikki French - Total Eclipse of the Heart... and now I will try to "embed" it into my page haha via youtube. The song came out during the era of Real Mccoy's Runaway and Another Night. What makes this song so special? I'm not really sure. But it's the song I first remembered to be my "Favorite song". Can you, the reader think back to the first time you recognized a song as your Favorite Song? At the time, I didn't know enough about masculinity to realize that this was quite the fruity song. But man, I loved it. It had the intro verse... I love that about classic eurodance. They had ACTUAL verses... Not just one verse and a chorus or just a chorus or just a few words repeated... Actual verses. TURN AROUND!!! hahaha classic 90's eurodance! And it had this like... climax part... where she goes ALL OUT and sings as loud as she can. That is then immediately followed a little part where she sings like the most important part of the song, like the most emotional part with nothing but some melody playing... "Once upon a time, I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart... Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart!". There's no bass in that part. None of the regular beats that go ompa ompa ompa or dooch dooch dooch... you get to hear the song for like 5 seconds without the techno hard beat... and then it ends with the rest of the song!
Let's see if i embedded this right

Okay, so the song that started it all... Nikki French's Total Eclipse of the Heart!

A New Beginning...

So after finally graduating from post-secondary... I am now about to embark on a new start... As in finally growing up and entering the workforce!!! I was introduced to blogging by a friend and I think it's a great way to talk about things that I am passionate about. Here on my awesome jawesome blog, I will talk about Eurodance!!! What is Eurodance you might ask? Eurodance is now what they call the genre of music that was once just known as "Dance music" in the nineties... Fast, uplifting musical beats... Generated with an electronic device! And of course, there's a regular rhythm which is VERY important because it separates it from jazzy R&B and that other types of music. The regular beat is super duper important. Also, it usually has a beautiful sounding girl singing about LOVE. That's what makes it key. I am not a gangster, I do not care about 20' rims or do I shoot a glock. What I do is fall in love and feel epic about it. Eurodance should inspire emotion when listened to. I like it most when it inspires an aura of epicness within my soul. You just cannot help but imagine something utterly majestic, where you are unbounded by the confines of reality. Since I started listening to eurodance way back in the mid 90's... I've come to think of it as encompassing more than one now considered separate genres. Things like trance, vocal trance, house, and hiNRG all feel like eurodance because they have a techno beat, and a girl singing about LOVE. There's some exceptions, but that's generally how it goes down. In my blog, I will just talk about what's going on in my mind, my favorite songs, classic eurodance, eurodance that feels new to me but is actually old like from 2003... and just whatever I feel like writing.

Of course, the song that started it all... Sometime in 1995 when I was just ten years old, I heard the song that would forever change my life. It was Total eclipse of the Heart by Nikki French. I heard it on Z95.3fm, the old pop music radio station of my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Back then, it wasn't considered gay or uncool to listen to this now fruity genre of music. And it captivated my heart and soul. At the time, I thought I liked rock music. Because Tim, the tool man Taylor from Home Improvement liked it. But really, rock... SURE, but eurodance... FOREVER

EURODANCE WILL NEVER DIE!!! hahaha i hope anyway, cheers!